Chinese spy was tasked to get info on Dalai Lama; sleuths looking for her Kolkata aide: Police | India News – Times of India

NEW DELHI: Investigations into the Chinese espionage ring busted by the Delhi Police has revealed that the arrested Chinese woman, Qing Shi, had been allegedly tasked to gather a list of names of officials posted in important ministries.
Indicating a bigger plan by the Chinese security establishment, police have found that Shi’s assignment also included obtaining details of doctors treating Dalai Lama apart from hospitals he visited for check-up and the medicines he took, sources said.
Cops are now looking for a Kolkata-based woman who was part of the espionage ring and operating in tandem with Shi. This woman has gone underground since Shi’s arrest. Shi told cops that a monk at Mahabodhi temple had introduced her to the Kolkata woman in 2019.
The woman handed her documents in English which she had to translate into Mandarin before sending them to senior functionaries in the Chinese security establishment. Investigating officers say teams are likely to go to Kolkata and other places to question those who were in touch with Shi. Shi along with journalist Rajeev Sharma were arrested mid September.

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