A flipping sari-clad gymnast

They say clothes make a man (and a woman,too)! But refusing to let her attire define her, Parul Arora didn’t let her sari come in the way of a front flip. “In life, you need a vision, then clothes become secondary,” she says.

A gymnast and an Instagram influencer from Ambala, she says, “We wanted to try something different,
that’s when the ‘sari idea’ came to me.”

People on social media were amazed at how effortlessly she pulled off the stunt. To which she says, “Young girls avoid wearing saris as it is difficult to walk and sit in it. By undertaking this front flip in a sari, I smashed all tabboos surrounding a sari clad woman. Women can do wonders if they are guided well.”

Parul Arora amazed everyone by executing a front flip in a sari

Parul Arora amazed everyone by executing a front flip in a sari

Success means something different to everyone, but getting there generally means a person allowing themselves to express their gifts and talents. The 23-year old shares, “When I tried it for the first time, it was difficult and I fell two-three times but with practice and time, I aced the flip. To be talented is one thing, but everything requires hard work.”

She believes that in life nothing is impossible if we have the will and the determination and quotes motivational speaker, Shiv Khera: “Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently.”

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